Beacon Sober Living is a recovery residence in which chemically dependent women can start to rebuild their lives while living in a safe, supportive, and substance free environment. Using the 12 Steps as a guide, our purpose is to help residents heal mind, body and spirit while bridging the gap between intensive treatment and an independent sober life.  


Beacon Sober Living is conveniently located 1.5 miles from Downtown Portland.  Public transportation is easily accessible.


At Beacon Sober Living, we believe that the 12-Step sober living model provides the most effective recovery from addiction. It is our mission to offer the ongoing support needed to residents who desire to practice the 12-Steps in their daily lives. Learning to "live in the steps" can be a challenging process and we will be there to guide them along the way.  

As important as the 12-steps, so is additional support. Over time, and with experience, we have developed relationships with various mental health providers and holistic practitioners that are qualified to work with individuals in recovery. We are able to provide referrals and ongoing support to our residents. 



A unique feature of Beacon is the availability of help in the area of 12-Step conduct work. After drugs and alcohol are removed, harmful and obsessive-compulsive behaviors often arise, acting as a barrier to spiritual connection and growth. Conduct work focuses primarily on clearing away anything that blocks us from maintaining sobriety.  Examples of these challenges include intimacy, exercise, body image, eating disorders, shopping, and gambling.



We live by the philosophy that being helpful and useful is the greatest form of personal enrichment. Residents of Beacon Sober Living actively engage with the community at large. Through regular volunteer work, 12-Step commitments and fellowship, residents will become strong members of the community in which they live.



Family support is an important aspect of an individual's recovery. Relationships in the family often suffer as a result of addiction, and healing them takes time and effort. We are available to provide guidance with a resident's family during their stay. 



Beacon Sober Living is owned and managed by individuals with nearly two decades of combined experience in long-term recovery. It is our belief that there is benefit in having dedicated on-site House Managers who are engaged, working a 12-Step program, and involved with our residents on a regular basis.



  • Remain free of all mind and mood altering substances

  • Actively participate in 12-Step work with a sponsor

  • Attend a minimum requirement of 12-Step meetings

  • Attend weekly house meetings

  • Maintain a job, attend school, or engage in regular volunteer work

  • Exhibit willingness to be in recovery

  • Comply with house rules





Tel: 207-613-5382

PO Box 10743, Portland, Maine 04104

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